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It appears that the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party think Americans are stupid! How long do they think they can get away with trying to dupe us before they get voted out of office anyway? I have to admit, I’m surpised that MSNBC actually reported on this. Maybe there is hope for the press after all. 

“Democratic officials have emphasized for months that this year’s convention won’t accept money from lobbyists and corporations. “This year, we are setting a new standard for how conventions are funded. No longer will it be sponsored with money from corporations, special interests, lobbyists and political action committees,” the host committee states on its website.”

“But those seemingly strict rules appear to have some loopholes. While the convention committee itself won’t accept cash donations from corporations, it is taking “in kind” contributions from corporations, such as food, beverages, and equipment — costs that can often add up into the millions.”

“A separate convention “Hospitality” committee — operating under the name New American City Foundation — is also directly accepting corporate and lobbyists’ money to pay for the parties and other events that are often attended en masse by delegates, members of Congress and reporters.”