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Ah! At last, the second coming of Christ has arrived! Instead of pacifying an already angry base of religious leaders, who are being coerced into supplying those who work for the church with contraception, oBama managed to wind ‘em up even tighter. Officially, oBama has now forced his interpretation of religious doctrine upon everyone. It is apparent that nothing is sacred to oBama.

Atypical of oBama, the opportunity to speak is just another chance for him to campaign. Indifferent to the sanctity of the annual prayer breakfast, oBama used the public appearance to spur momentum to improve his chances at re-election. Such actions only go to show just how much of a disgrace he is to the oval office.

It’s evident that oBama does not have the discipline to speak out on what is right or wrong; this is one time he should have bit his tongue. Obviously, from his general tone, it was a scripted speech that he was not overly familiar with. Nonetheless, he gave it word for word. Whether it is good or evil, it appears that no tactic is below oBama. Shamelessly, he manipulates and wheedles anyone that allows them selves to be cajoled.

Stating that he has “been extraordinarily blessed” during the recent prayer breakfast, oBama professed that he was willing to give up some of the tax breaks that he enjoyed. In the same instance, he averred that “for unto whom much is given, much shall be required.” There is only one logical reason for oBama to mention his intention to raise taxes on the rich during a prayer breakfast; simply stated, it was the perfect platform to wind up the less fortunate and spite those who are better off.

What oBama neglected to mention, and what I suspect was an intentional omission, is that he must know that if he does follow through with his promise to increase taxes on investors like Mitt Romney, the economy will plummet even further. The US has too many people hiding their money in tax shelters as it is; and it is oBama’s previous economic policies that have driven them there. Half-truths are a politician’s best friend; and oBama’s utilization of them is well documented.

Truth be told, oBama only wants to create a new hornet’s nest, just so he can kick it. He intends to nail Romney to the cross because he only paid a 15% tax on the capital gains he accrued this year on his investments. It is just another tactic to blacken the eyes of his opponents to give him another edge in the upcoming election.

The reason there is only a 15% tax on investment revenues/capital gains, is because the lower rate serves as an incentive for investors to keep investing their money. Such investments are the engine for the economy; without them the economy will fall flat on its face once again. There would be no money to borrow, hence there would be no advance in technology or medicine. Both of which are driving our economy and providing the jobs that will lead us to prosperity once again.

With these sorts of actions, and the amount of race baiting in his first presidential campaign strategy, you can fully expect that oBama plans to invoke another Maoist uprising/people’s war. His main goal, which has already accomplished, will be to create a rift between the rich and the poor. Consequently, that will carry over to those who are differentiated by the color of their skin. Both racism, and reverse racism, are very alive in contemporary America. In fact, and largely because of the vitriole oBama created last time around; some sources state that race relations in America have been set back 100 years.

oBama may or may not engage in race baiting first hand, but subtly he will have others do it for him. For instance, in the 2008 presidential election, John Murtha declared that “There is no question that western Pennsylvania is a racist area” and that oBama could expect to shave four points off the percentage of the vote he would get just because of that. An argument could easily be made, and many people believe it is the truth, that it was his intention to slyly invoke “white guilt” to attract those who would otherwise not vote for him. Nobody wants to be labeled a racist, so in order to avoid being tagged with the title they will vote for the minority whether they agree with their political philosophy or not.

It is a form of reverse psychology; a Jedi mind trick if you prefer. Many of the stars and starlets in Hollywood employ the same sort of tactics, as they believe bad press is better than no press. Merely keeping your name in the news prolongs your popularity; and most people are forgiving in nature, so negative press is inconsequential. The bottom line is that, oBama will do anything to remain in power, including employing the oldest trick in the book; divide and conquer.