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After trampling the religious rights afforded to the citizens of the United States under the 1st Amendment oBama has decided to backpedal. Though, oBama’s advisors insist that the change of heart was an accommodation and not a compromise, the reality is that his so called accommodation is really nothing more than an accounting trick.

Previously, the mandate required religious institutions to provide “the morning after” pill, birth control, and other forms of contraception in health insurance policies. Though churches were exempt, schools, hospitals, and other entities ran by religious organizations were not.

The oBama administration’s solution was to change the policy so that the cost of the mandate now falls at the feet of the insurance companies. They indicated that the after morning pill and other forms of contraception will now be provided free of charge by the insurance companies.

Truthfully, oBama and his advisors are either patronizing the intelligence of the electorate or they are dumb as door knobs, because the insurance companies are not just going to pony up those funds for free. The insurance companies are going to include that in their premiums one way or the other.

This is nothing more than an accounting trick; a blatant one at that. At the end of the day, oBama and his advisors have just given those opposed to his policy regarding the matter lip service. If the little boy in the short pants and his advisors want to be coy, they could at least attempt to be smart about it.