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The clangor among religious leaders is still ringing in the ears of the obama administration. Jacob Lew, the administration’s chief of staff, announced that the obama administration’s decision to require insurance companies to provide free contraception to women who work for entities associated with religious organizations is finalized. In other words, they will no longer reflect on the matter.

For certain, people are alarmed by the acceptance for “abortions on demand” that this law will undeniably proliferate; however, the other poignant bearing is that the government is infringing upon the basic civil liberties afforded in the bill of rights. This legislation puts our civil liberties on a slippery slope; it opens the door for other attacks on our constitutional graces.

Along with spiritual leaders, and not just those of the Catholic faith, everyday ordinary people are still trying to drive home the point to obama that the devil is in the details. The irony is that the big eared boy, who obviously hasn’t graduated from his short pants yet, is infamous for his conviction that the United States Constitution is a living document. Along with many other liberal thinkers, he is especially outspoken in his confidence that the Founding Fathers did not intend for the Constitutions’ tenets to be of a concrete nature.

Contrary to that principle, and apparent from Jacob Lew’s proclamation, is that obama considers his own dogma to be set in stone. The reality is that they have played the ol’e shell game with this part of the obamacare legislation, he hasn’t changed his thinking, nor has he compromised or accommodated, as Lew put it, the arguments of others. If that doesn’t make him a hypocrite, nothing else can. Some people just can’t see the forest through the trees, because they are blinded by their opinionated ideology, and nothing will change that.

What the obama administration fails to attach importance to is that no one likes an ultimatum. Yet, he and his contemporaries keep serving up cow patties for dinner, all the while saying that they are good for us. For the objective and sane people in the United States it is a given that to govern concessions need to be made. However,  there is no middle ground with the imperious and calculating overlords who claim to represent us these days.

The fact that Pelosi stated “you’ll just have to pass it to find out what is in it” in regards to the obamacare legislation, just goes to illustrate the critical thinking that takes place on Capital Hill and at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The sad part is that the constituents in the loony bin, they call San Francisco, will just keep on voting for her because her stature allows her to bring home a  myriad of ear marks.

Many lawmakers in Washington D.C. have avowed to overturn obamacare if given the opportunity. The only way that will happen is if the House and Senate, along with the Executive Office are dominated by conservatives after the 2012 elections. The idea of empowering conservatives or democrats with a monopoly on our government is not particularly settling; however, this time around it just may be a necessary evil to reverse some of the policies obama has enacted during his period of influence.