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In an interview with Greta Van Susteren, former Secretary of the United States Health & Human Services and 42nd Governor of Wisconsin, Tommy Thompson, discussed the implementation of Romneycare. In the videos below Thompson details how the State of Massachusetts obtained the funding for the Massachusetts Health Care Insurance Reform Law.

Federal funding, referred to as a “disproportionate share” was allocated to nearly 2 dozen sates in the U.S. to subsidize health care for the less fortunate. In the case of Massachusetts 583 million dollars of that funding was not spent. In order to prevent losing those funds, which would have normally have been reallocated back to the federal government, Ted Kennedy and Mitt Romney approached Tommy Thompson about issuing a waiver for those funds to create a new pilot project for the statewide healthcare plan.

The sticking point is that quite often it is noted that Romneycare did not increase taxes for the taxpayers in the State of Massachusetts, when in fact the entire program was funded by the tax dollars of tax payers all over the United States. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, that was signed into law by Barack Obama is based on theMassachusetts’ version.

When asked by Van Susteren if the Massachusetts Healthcare plan would work if it were implemented nationwide with the same sort of seed money, Thompson fervently replied that it would not work; as he declared “That’s why the Obama law is not going to be able to stand the test of fiscal sanity. And that is why the Obama Law has got to be repealed.”

A summary from Wikipedia, comprised of data that was compiled in an article from the Christian Science Monitor, states that Obamacare is to be paid for by “a variety of taxes and offsets. Major sources of new revenue include a much-broadened Medicare tax on incomes over $200,000 and $250,000, for individual and joint filers respectively, an annual fee on insurance providers, and a 40% tax on “Cadillac” insurance policies. There are also taxes on pharmaceuticals, high-cost diagnostic equipment, and a 10% federal sales tax on indoor tanning services. Offsets are from intended cost savings such as improved fairness in the Medicare Advantage program relative to traditional Medicare.”

Obamacare is supposed to save Americans money and improve on the current gaps in our health care system, yet many feel it will only increase the cost and increase the disparity in health care services. Instead, our prisons will be over crowded with tax evaders who will refuse to pay $4200 annual premiums for health care they cannot afford and do not need. People seem to have an innate ability to find the loop holes in the system, why would this be any different? Obama’s deterent of a $695 fine for individuals not obtaining health insurance looks like the easy way out at this point if the mandate does not get overturned. If enough people flip the bird to the system by paying the fine, Obamacare will be bankrupt as quick as it gets started. For a group of people that claim to be critical thinkers they sure are a bunch of sorry saps!

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