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Recently Moyers & Company, a commentary and interview television show, featured well known liberal political commentator, Neal Gabler. It was plain to see, that Bill Moyer was up to his old tricks; he has a history of utilizing his spotlight as a bully pulpit to denigrate conservative political candidates and the issues they support. The section of the clip that details the bias streams from about 6 minutes & 30 seconds to 26 minutes & 30 seconds if you do not care to view the whole stream.

The conversation, in this particular segment . . . “Where Movies End and Politics Begins,” revolved around showmanship in the political arena; how they were able to have such a conversation with Obama’s name only coming up once in the entire spot was a feat of showmanship in itself. The one time he was mentioned, Obama was framed as the Anti-Christ of right minded thinkers; at that, they completely neglected the wanna be singer/basketball star and his photo opportunistic hamminess.

Though Gabler comes close to exposing Obama’s ineptitude where governing is concerned; he never quite points the finger at Obama for the antics he employed while campaigning for the 2008 election; they don’t even bat an eye in Obama’s direction in that regard. Every time Gabler gets close to dragging Obama into the conversation, Bill Moyers steers the conversation back to the republican primary candidates. He does so by drawing parallels between the republican primary candidates and movies, or recent statements made by the candidates. 

Surreptitiously, the entire interview is a propaganda stunt; a stunt designed to discredit their worthiness as potential presidents. It is cloaked asa conversation about the arts; yet the underlying tone is undoubtedly political. Just the fact that it was sandwiched between softer commentary indicates that they were leery of leading with such incredulous effrontery as it is a bold faced violation of the 501c rulings the IRS has outlined for non-profit organizations. The commentary in question is akin to a game of hide and seek.

One can hardly argue that the conservative primary candidates are not being demonized.  The content is blatantly partial; and it should have been preempted before it was allowed to air on a public broadcasting station, if it was allowed to air at all. It is incredible that a programming director could not have noticed the partiality; as it would be in their best interest to preview their content first. Such disregard can only be construed as political favoritism on the part of the programming director.

How can public broadcasting stations defend such one-sided content being transmitted on their airwaves? It is indefensible! It is inexcusable! They are using the tax dollars from the citizens of the United States in an illegal fashion. Legally, they are required to treat any discussions involving political discourse in a matter that is objective. “Under the Internal Revenue Code, all section 501(c)(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office.” Yet they continuously skirt the system, and more so than not, when they play favorites, they are always on the side of the liberals.

Such prejudice in publicly subsidized broadcasting needs to be stopped; publicly subsidized broadcasters that engage in such bias not only need to have their public funding revoked, but they need to have their non-profit tax exemption status revoked as well. People need to contact their congressional representatives regarding this matter. Granted the matter has been broached before, but it never hurts to stoke the fire. Congressional members need to have their feet held to the fire for neglecting these shenanigans. Given our economic woes, the timing is perfect to suggest that when discussing budget cuts legislators need to throw the funding for biased pubic broadcasting stations on the chopping block as well. Regardless, as long as publicly subsidized broadcasters choose to air the biased dogma proliferated by the likes of Bill Moyers people need to quit privately funding them as well.