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In light of recent comments broadcasted by a Madison, Wisonsin radio station, WTDY 1670 AM, that denigrated Rebecca Kleefisch, the Lt Governor of Wisconsin, people are calling for the firing of shockjock, John “Sly”Sylvester. WTDY portrays itself as a “family broadcasting station,” yet it allows the likes of Sylvester to splatter its airwaves with filth and derogatory comments. Along with WTDY, the sister stations of the Midwest Family Broadcasting group are being targeted by critics who are threatening to boycott their stations and advertisers as well if Sylvester is not dismissed.

While claiming, in his pod cast about Andrew Breitbart, to be an opponent of people “with uncontrollable hateful thoughts” Sylvester is devoid of the principals he espouses. Sylvester neglects to realize that he lives in a glass house, while standing, fervently, and casting stones against those who do not subscribe to his system of beliefs. Sylvester attacked  Rebecca Kleefisch, the Lt Governor of Wisconsin, on his show, Sly In The Morning, by insulting her attempts to attract out of state businesses to the State of Wisconsin through a cold calling telephone campaign. If that were the gist of it, it would not be a big deal; nevertheless, Sylvester just could not resist being a hypocrite, and publicly revealed a few more of his “uncontrollable hateful thoughts.”

While mimicking and mocking Kleefisch, Sylvester averred that the only reason she attained the office of Lt. Governor was because she had performed sexual favors for various media figures and political representatives. Later in the pod cast he revealed just how deranged he is in a segment regarding trains. In that segment he states, knowing there is no way it is true,  that Kleefisch was trained . . . implying that she had sex with multiple partners. Furthermore, the phony that he is, he poked fun at Kleefisch’s bout with colon cancer; the American Cancer Society has spoken out about his insolence, calling the references “disrespectful” and said Sylvester made light of Kleefisch’s fight with cancer “under the guise of political discourse.”

Sylvester is a prime example with what is wrong with the media in today’s society. The likes of WTDY 1670 AM, and those who advertise with such media outlets, give a platform to those with a political agenda to peddle their propaganda; because of that, all common decency goes out the window.

When Mark Jefferson, a representative of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, asked for an apology for the remarks made about Kleefisch the WTDY program director, Rex Charger, defended Sylvester’s remarks, stating “It was obvious sarcasm and was not intended to be taken literally.” It is hard to believe that anything that comes out of Sylvester’s mouth isn’t intended to damage the credibility of those he rails against. Charger is either an enabler or ignorant if he denies the reality of Sylvester’s words.

In the case of Breitbart’s death Sylvester indicated he was glad that Breitbart was dead, and enumerated a lengthy list of other conservatives he wished were dead. Most conservatives just wish that Midwest Family Broadcasting would respect their claims of being a family oriented broadcaster and send him down the road kicking a can. Though it is easy to see why some might wish for him to fall off into the great chasm of the political divide he works so hard to create.

The problem isn’t just with Sylvester; a lack of respect can be found on either side of the political divide. Recent comments by Rush Limbaugh about the contraception debacle are another prime example; and rightfully so, his dismissal was called for, and some of those who advertise on networks that air his broadcast pulled their funding.

Still, make no bones about it, as a MSNBC blogger compiled a study, most media outlets lean left when it comes to political matters; so it is no wonder that Sylvester’s antics are not nationally recognized regarding Kleefisch.

All the same, this is not Sylvester’s first time denigrating women in the conservative party. In 2004 Sylvester denigrated Condoleezza Rice when she was nominated for the position of Secretary of State. Calling her “Aunt Jemima,” he stated that she was a “black trophy” for the Bush Administration. Sylvester apologized for calling her “Aunt Jemima” but refused to back down from his criticism that she is a “black trophy” of the Bush administration. At the same time, Sylvester also referred to Secretary of State Colin Powell as an “Uncle Tom.”  The list of those who have been insulted, denigrated, and badgered by Sylvester over the years is quite lengthy.

There is no arguing that a person has every right to speak their mind, the first amendment allows for it. However, the perpetual loggerheads in our nation, like Sylvester, need to concede that incivility is not a birthright.

Correspondingly, WTDY, and the Midwest Family Broadcasting, need to recognize that the political divide in the United States is an ever increasing abyss, and those who are throwing fuel on the fire are prohibiting our nation from uniting. One of the main reasons our nation is having such a tough time finding the prosperity the populous deserves is because of the rift in the political arena.

Finding a person in contemporary society that is impartial is getting harder and harder; people need to step back from their ideology and gain some perspective. It is a difficult task without question, especially when there are political figures campaigning all over the country who are driving wedges wherever they can. As a citizenry, the masses needs to realize they are being led down the path of impropriety; politicians only care about two things . . . they care about obtaining your vote and they care about how they will be judged by posterity.

The “divide and rule: tactics being employed by our leaders are Machiavellian in nature; it is nothing new, Julius Caesar, the Roman ruler, and Napoleon Bonaparte, the French emperor utilized them centuries ago. It is a politician’s goal to create and encourage divisions among our citizenry in order to prevent the populace from revolting against their supremacy. They purposely provoke mistrust and hate, and inspire ill will so they can remain in power.

Knuckleheads, like Sylvester, think they are smart for carrying the water for one party or the other. Truth be told, it is downright astonishing that the intelligent citizens of the United States of America and her outlying territories allow themselves to be subject to the concepts encompassed by “divide and conquer” strategies; time and again they have been duped into letting history repeat itself. Nonetheless, they fail to realize that the politicians are playing the the ends against the middle; the electorate being the middle.

Regardless, WTDY and Midwest Family Broadcasting, along with all those other media outlets who utilize this sort of “uncontrolled hatred” to raise their ratings need to reconsider their programming. Those media outlets and those who support these controversial media figures deserve to be boycotted. All one needs to do is listen long enough to find out who their sponors are; they are the one’s paying the bills.

Call ’em up, and let ’em know how you feel about their support for these broadcasters who are helping to keep partisan politics alive in our nation. If they don’t comply by withdrawing support. Find a way to impede the traffic to their business in a non-violent way. Jamming their telephone lines to prevent incoming calls was a famous tactic of the late great Sal Alinsky. Overloading their server capacity for their websites is another.

Big businesses that threaten the stability of our nation’s political system need to be sanctioned just like any foreign interest that would threaten our nation’s sovereignty. Those that lobby for the interests of big business at the expense of the general public need to be held accountable as well. In this day and age, where everyone relies on technology, the people of the United States have the ability to affect change more than ever.

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