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Where’s the outrage Obama? No Comment because the pinata doesn’t look like one of your daughters? Where are the protests in the streets? Is anyone putting a price on the heads of these young individuals? If a white person strung up a piñata decorated as a black person you can bet your bottom the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the NAACP would be screaming bloody murder. Its apparent that reverse racism is just dandy in America, but when the other shoe drops look the hell out!

The photograph was taken during a luau sponsored by the University of Memphis Dept. of Residence Life and Dining Services. “This was one of numerous activities which occurred during the RHC Luau,” a popular event that has been held for more than 10 years,” the statement read – noting that the hula dancer was one of three piñatas used in the event. “The photograph taken out of context may be disconcerting, but we want to assure our community that no racial or gender animosity was intended,” the statement concluded. However, that’s not how some students observed the activity. Some called it “reverse racism,” according to television station WMC. “It didn’t look right, just because of the social climate we’re in right now,” university student Veronica Birmingham told WMC. “How could somebody be so insensitive and not realize this might cause an issue?” Birmingham told the television station she took the photograph and sent it to a friend who posted it on Facebook.

WMC News Video: Blacks String Up White Pinata



As of this posting . . . not a single news organization besides FOX and WMC have reported on the incident. If the cum guzzlin’ deep throatin’ knob polishers at NBC even mention this incident it’ll be totally amazing.