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We the people, on both sides of the aisle, need to call the cognitive reasoning skills of our duly elected officials into question. Have they lost their minds? I know the odds seem incalculable, but how is it that they all had the synapses crossed in their frontal lobe all at the same time?

How can they justify it? How can they substantiate attacking the rights afforded to the citizens of the United States by undermining the bill of rights? Especially when they are the ones who created the divisive state for which they now feel they need protection from. 

H.R 347 has got to be the stupidest action undertaken by our government ever. At least since those who claimed to represent our best interests suspended the rights to the judicial process, pending their discretion under the guise that it was necessary to protect us from domestic enemies? It leaves one to wonder who is going to protect us from our own government? Those who voted for this legislation aren’t looking out for their constituents any longer; they are more worried about maintaining their cushy little seats for their hemorrhoid ridden croups!

The state of our nation and its current bearing is outrageously troubling! What’s worse is that now we have to fear that we’ll be locked up for protesting their self serving stupidity. The members of the U.S. Senate & U.S. House of Representatives are a pack of low down dirty rotten skunks for undermining the rights to free speech outlined in the 1st amendment! And Obama is no better for going along with it!

These government hacks who voted for this are representing their own interests in Washington D.C., they are lower than dirt . . . and no better than the scavenging black hagfishes that resides on the ocean floor. And like the hagfish, they are the slimiest critters known to man!

Those who voted for HR347/S.1794 . . . co-sponsored by Ted Deutch . . . the 388 congressional members, the members of the senate committee, and the big eared boy in the short pants are all a bunch of traitors to everything that this country stands for.

They should all be ashamed of themselves, and do the honorable thing . . . they should fall on their swords and get the hell out of politics if they can’t be diplomatic. It is obvious by the amount of incivility among them that they’re a bunch of partisan hacks who champion a brand of politics that is destroying the foundation of our so-called “REPRESENTATIVE” democracy.

These good for nothing politicians are plotting against each other with their Machiavellian “Divide and Rule” campaign tactics. It is their sole intention to drive a wedge into our electorate. They aren’t going about it with a single jack either; a pile driver is more their style. The deeper the wedge the further the divide. Whatever it takes to pit one faction against the other. It is that sort of thinking that compells the populace to act out in violence. When a Gabby Gifffords gets gunned down, because the wounds have been inflicted so deep what do the politicians do? They enact a law to protect ther asses; nevermind that it was their vitriole that incited the behavior in the first place.

Their solution is to opt for a resolution that quells the  “inalienable rights” outlined in the1st amendment; a decision that enables those guilty parties, the instigators, to continue with their vitriol and destructive propaganda without feeling remorse for the violence they have brought forth in the first place.

Should we be surprised? After all political hacks like those representing our current governing body, have been covering their pecker tracks at someone else’s expense since the beginning of civilization. It is a crying shame that we can’t elect a governing body that can rise above they fray.

Understand, by no means am I condoning that anyone act out in violence. I am merely choosing to point out that history has a way of repeating itself while playing on the words and the lessons the past has taught us.

Nevertheless, our federally elected representatives no longer fear those who send them to Washington. Feeling the hair stand up on the backs of their necks is just what they need. The citizenry of the United States, and its outlying territories, would all do well if its federal bureaucrats were introduced to the likes of a Maximilien Robespierre.

The political incivility and the destruction many of them have foisted upon our nation, its populace, and the contract that binds us is inexcusable! The actions of our recent governing bodies have led us down a garden path that is akin to the Lake Chutes at Breckenridge Ski Resort, they are some of the steepest and slippery slopes our nation knows.

For certain we don’t need another law which they can use to hide from their constituents. And that’s exactly what the legislation in question has allowed. It prevents the average person from walking up to their elected officials and inquiring why they voted on an issue one way or the other. When a government decides it no longer has to answer to its people, it won’t be long before that government is overthrown. 

It’s rather ironic that the senate designated S. 1794 to represent the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011. Simply stated, our nation, even though it may be just what the good doctor ordered . . .  Doctor Joseph-Ignace Guillotin that is, cannot afford a winter and spring the likes of the one experienced in Paris, France during late 1793 & early 1794.

These days, the notion that elected officials are being sent to Washington to represent the people is nothing more than a fantasy. It is all about the party line and the party’s ideology. If legislation keeps getting enacted like the laws aforementioned, it will only be a matter of time before the “national razor” rears its ugly head. What was it that Ted Nugent was shouting anyway? Wasn’t it “off with their heads?”