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 Unfortunately for Anastasio Hernandez Rojas, he didn’t look a little

more like Trayvon Martin; maybe he would have warranted

a shout out from the “Race Baiter in Chief.


Yet another cover up, swept under the rug by the

Eric Holder Department of In-Justice.

Damn Those Dust Bunnies! They just won’t remain under the rug!

Eyewitness accounts and new video footage shown in a PBS documentary last week provide shocking proof that U.S. federal agents brutally beat Anastasio Hernández Rojas, tased him five times, and ultimately killed him—this while he lay on the ground with his arms handcuffed behind his back—in May 2010. The revelations in Crossing the Line at the Border (see the video below) counter in a compelling way the official tale of what transpired, and have rightfully led to calls for accountability. Among the questions such calls raise are: what does accountability mean in such a case, and what should the parameters of the process be—that is, if a key goal is to prevent future instances of brutality?


I gotta admit, I don’t condone that the guy was in the country illegally, but he didn’t deserve this. Even a bullet in the back would have been more humane. We will probably never know the whole story, but twelve guys jumping on your back who are supposed to represent the law is a little much. They aren’t above the law.

I can’t believe this is just startin’ to surface now. After all it happened in May of 2010. Good old Eric Holder, he ought to own stock in Hamburg Industries, Inc. for as much stuff as he sweeps under the rug; the guy has to go through a broom at least once a week. It’s no big surprise after the gun walking scandal. He is one of those government servants that ought to do the nation a favor and fall on his sword, instead he’ll just keep swallowing Obama’s sword!