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. . .  If Obama believes that marriage is a fundamental right for same-sex couples, how can he tolerate state laws that deny that fundamental right? Shouldn’t his attorney general be suing the state, just as he is elsewhere in an effort to strike down constitutional amendments requiring voters to show identification? How can Obama reward the state with glory and revenue given a law that he says, de facto, suppresses the natural rights of American citizens? . . .

Everyone knows that Obama really isn’t going out of his way to advocate for the Gay BLT Community. Obama merely took a deep, long, hard pull . . . off his cigarette . . . and blew smoke up their asses.

. . . The change is only symbolically significant. Obama already has a record as the most pro-gay president in history, and his attitudinal change has no policy implications. The rhetorical shift seems mostly to be related to placating pro-gay marriage supporters and donors, coming as it did just ahead of a huge fundraising push in Hollywood and at specifically gay and lesbian events. The other part of the move seems to be a search for a wedge issue against Republican Mitt Romney and a desire by Democrats to shift the conversation away from Romney’s preferred topic, the saggy economy. . .

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