As per Merriam-Webster, Scaramouch is a character in the Italian commedia dell’arte; he is characterized by boastfulness and cowardliness. He is generally considered to be a cowardly buffoon, a clown, and a scamp. In general, that fits most politicians, but for all intents, constructions, and purposes, Obama is the Scaramouch around here!

The 2012 Presidential race is not that far off. In fact it is less than 6 months away. Though Mitt Romney has not secured all the delegates he needs to clinch the nomination, it is pretty much a given that he is the republican nominee.  So now, it is time for the serious debate to begin. Or at least one would think so, anyhow.

Lately, the Obama Campaign has been banging heads with the Romney Campaign. Unfortunately, it appears as though the Obama Campaign would rather talk about the petty things than roll up their sleeves and attack the sweaty things. Yep! That was a reference to the economy.

For the first two years of the Obama Administration’s reign it was all about the Obamacare. The economy was on fire, yet Obama never really did reach for the bucket of water. Instead he focused on the petty things. Now that his re-election is back on the front burner, he is doing a bit of sweating him self. Realizing that he should have been more focused on the economy, instead of social issues, Obama doesn’t want to talk about his short comings.

Obama would just assume that the good people of the United States remain oblivious to the truth about the state of economy and the number of people who are unemployed. Obama would rather talk about the petty things. If Obama were to sit down with an objective reporter, who didn’t get a tingle up their leg when they sat down to interview him, you can imagine the conversation would go a little like this:

Reporter: Mr. Obama, sir, can we be serious for a minute? We would like to talk about the economy and jobs. How are you going to fix these problems if you are re-elected?

B. OBAMA: I just found out that Mitt Romney put his kenneled dog on the roof of his car about 30 years ago when he went on vacation. Isn’t that just awful?

“Reporter: Mr. Obama, that information isn’t important, we’ve heard that you eat dogs, what do you plan on doing to fix the economy?”

“B. OBAMA: If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin.”

Reporter: We are all stunned by that tragedy, Mr. President, but what are you doing to fix the economy?

B. OBAMA: I support gay marriage

“Reporter: Mr. Obama, sir, that doesn’t answer the question. What are you doing to fix the economy?”

“B. OBAMA: Isn’t it terrible that Ann Romney isn’t a career woman? She just stayed at home and raised her kids.”

Reporter: Mr. President, that little tidbit doesn’t matter, either. What are you doing to fix the economy?

B. OBAMA: Did you hear that Mitt Romney picked on a gay boy when he was in high school.

“Reporter: Mr. Obama, sir, that was 45 years ago, and that story has been proven to be false, based on statements from the guy’s family. Can you please share your plan to fix the economy with the good citizens of the USA?”

“B. OBAMA: This is awful, this is terrible!! Did you hear that Mitt Romney’s father was a polygamous Mormon from Mexico?”

Reporter: Mr. Obama, sir, your facts are misconstrued. He was a Mormon, and he was living in Mexico, but it was his Grandfather, who was born in the US, and he was only married to one woman. The sect he lived with did not believe in polygamy. Still, none of that matters. Any idea what you are going to do about the economy?

B. OBAMA:  So, hey! From what I hear the republicans are waging war on women!! Rush Limbaugh called a woman a nasty slur.

Reporter: Most people are smart enough to not take Limbaugh seriously. Besides, he’s not involved in this election, anyway. Do you think the electorate deserves to know what you are doing to fix the economy?”

B. OBAMA: Do you know that Ann Romney has two Cadillacs? Isn’t it abhorrent that she doesn’t just drive back and forth from Massachusetts to California? Does she really need a car in both places?”

Reporter: I know that’s disgusting, Mr. President, but never let it be said that the Romney family does not support the Motor City. Oh! Wait a minute, that was something you have already propagated. Oops! Anyway, the bailout and successful recovery of the funds that were loaned to Chevy, Chrysler, and Dodge must be a great source of pride to you Mr. President. Do you think that there will be other targeted asset relief programs to come in the future?

B. OBAMA: Why yes! But not near as good as I feel about supervising SEAL TEAM 6 when we took out Usama Bin Laden; Still, there is nothing better than a good old Dodge.