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It appears as though the Obama Administration may be more deeply involved in Fast & Furious than he would like the public to know.

Generally, the executive privilege is reserved for concealing correspondence that is addressed to, or from, the holder of the seat in the oval office.

The latest smokescreen raised by the Obama Administration, surrounding the December 14th, 2011 death of Border Agent Brian Terry has managed to cast yet another thunder cloud of suspicion over the Obama Administration.

This morning Obama popped the top on a can of smoke that was the equivalent to the cloud hanging over the 65,738-acre High Park fire that is burning, out of control, just northwest of Denver, Colorado.

By invoking his executive privilege, to prohibit congress from viewing the correspondence and documents surrounding Fast & Furious, Barack Obama may have tipped his hand. Either way, whether you consider his actions or words, it is obvious that there is something that he is trying to conceal.

There is a great deal of scrutiny contending that if the correspondence isn’t directly to or from Obama, he has no right to even claim executive privilege.

So he must be directly involved or he would not claim executive privilege. Why else would he conceal the documents if he were not involved? After all, congressional members are apprised of classified information all the time.

Even more damaging to their credibility, and the source of all the hell fire, is that Eric Holder was already caught lying about their involvement once. On February 4th, 2011 he had to rescind his letter to congress stating that they made every attempt to recover firearms that were illegally purchased and distributed south of the border; their claim at the time, was that there was no gun walking going on at all. The oversight committee is in contention regarding whether the that letter was in fact a broader effort to obstruct the congressional investigation.

The smokescreen that was thrown up this morning by Obama casts the aspersion that it is possible that Obama and Holder have perjured themselves. They have claimed all along that the operation was conducted by ATF operatives based in Arizona, and Holder claimed that he had no knowledge of the operation, nor did anyone of any stature at the DOJ.

Is the information that secretive that it had to come to this? Why claim executive privilege if he they have nothing to hide? Why is congress threatening to hold Eric Holder in contempt of congress for not compling with their subpeonaes for the documents and correspondence? Inquiring minds want to know; was Barack Obama an accomplice to the illegal gun walking operation that lead to the death of Brian Terry?

Holder, in a letter to Obama seeking the assertion of executive privilege, said that the release of internal executive branch documents would have “significant, damaging consequences.” Those words, in themselves, speak loudly, that there is something being swept under the rug.