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Romney, do you even want my vote? It sure doesn’t look like you want it. It appears that you’re too worried about being a nice guy; that is why I chose Santorum in the primaries and at the caucus. I chose Santorum because I had my reservations about your record on gun control and your implementation of Romney-care; but now, I’m starting to believe I had the foresight to know that you do not possess the chutzpah to win this thing. Your batting average over the last umpteen election cycles is zero. You struck out against Kennedy, you struck out against McCain, and now, it appears you are going to let Obama walk away with a win in 2012.

I’m not ridiculing your religion, some of the nicest people I know are Mormons; but that is the problem. You are going to have to sacrifice some of your principles if you want to win this thing. It is no big secret, nice guys finish last! Do you let people treat you like milquetoast in business negotiations? I doubt it, or you’d not be here, and I would not be writing this letter.

It appears to me that you are more worried about your image. If you give this away to Obama because you are unwilling to scrutinize him for his lack of integrity, and to preserve your character I’m staying home in November. You have been handed innumerable opportunities to capitalize on the mistakes of the Obama Administration, yet you rarely utilize them to your full potential. Instead, every time you’re served up a dandy, you shoot yourself in the foot, like you did with the healthcare tax.

In any case, you need to do something to shake it up; I suspect that a guy who makes a living by turning around failed companies would know when it is time to cash your chips in and invest them in another strategy. If you can’t recognize the writing on the wall here, then you ought to just play it safe and bunker up. That’s right, pack up your clubs now and go back to Massachusetts, there is no use going on any further with this charade. Just call Barack now, and cede the election to him now.

I fear my worst nightmares are going to come true; we are going to have another four more years of the derelict in chief. I may as well fill out my ballot, mark it for Obama, and mail it to you! Get the stick out of your croup and fight already!