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Today, on CBS This Morning, James Carville stated that voter’s only know about Bain Capital what Obama puts in their campaign spots, specifically he stated ” and that is all they know about Bain Capital” referring to the Obama Campaign’s claims that Romney outsourced jobs and laid of workers even though he wasn’t running the country. Carville, the stuttering muttering fool that he is, is more stupid then he looks if he believes that the electorate can’t read between the lines.

Does he really think we are stupid?

Granted there are going to be some people who are too dumb to do their own thinking, but let us hope and pray that they are limited to a small number; for society’s sake, let it be a smaller percentage of the population than it was in November of 2008. In any case, those are the people who have their minds set already. And should they re-elect Obama, they deserve to reap what they sow.

Carville can spout off all he wants, but he doesn’t make any difference in the matter. Just the sight of his scary ass turns me off; I can only imagine that his appearance has the same effect on others; I bet children fear going to his house on any given day, except perhaps Halloween.