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Obama speaks in the same terms as he did when he ran as a largely unknown figure promising to bind up the nation’s partisan wounds with a new kind of politics. But his campaign seems to do nothing but attack, attack, attack.

Such incongruity is jarring to voters and may help explain why Obama’s favorability ratings have slipped. The president once could boast that he was more popular than his policies. No longer. The napalm strategy against Romney must have something to do with that. ~ Charles Krauthammer

Rasmussen Report’s “presidential tracking poll” for today show Mitt Romney attracting 46% of the vote, while President Obama earns 44%.

The best thing Obama’s stormtroopers could do is to keep on attacking Mitt Romney; the more they conjure up lies, such as the one about Romney having committed a felony because of his Bain Capital SEC filings, the more the needle moves in favor of Mitt Romney.


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