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Aside from the melee, Barack Obama has decided to put aside his campaign to go to Colorado to console the victims and families of the James Holmes Atrocity. Really? Is he really putting his campaign aside? Or is he just taking advantage of the tragedy?

It has been rumored that the Obama’s team reportedly jokes, “Never pass up the opportunity of a good crisis.” I do not doubt the claim, but you can take it with a grain of salt if you like, because I do not have any concrete proof it is true.

In any case, my sincerest condolences goes out to the families and friends of those who lost their live at the hands of this lunatic. I would also like to wish a speedy recovery to those who were injured in the melee.

It is my belief, we should torture this li’l bastard in a public venue; he needs to have toothpicks jammed up under his finger nails, he needs to be covered with honey and introduced to a few thousand flesh eating ants. Whatever the case, He deserves to die a slow and agonizing death. There is no need in spending tax dollars for his trial. He has admitted his guilt. There is no need to pay for his sorry croup to live out his miserable existence in a jail cell.

In any case, why are media outlets reporting on this as anything other than the “James Holmes Shooting, Massacre, or Atrocity?” The focus needs to be squarely on him and not labeled as some movie theatre massacre.

Remembering his name, and using him as an example, is imperative to help in preventing this from happening in the future. Just as Netanyahu said on about Iran’s proxy war, and Hezzbollah’s attacks on Israel . . .”Name them and shame them” I highly doubt using his name will make him a martyr.

No matter, the news agancies need to quit sensationalizing stuff if it is detrimental to reality. As near as I know, ABC was the first to broadcast that this was the biggest massacre on US soil.

Diane Sawyer repeated the claim, the local networks were repeating the claim, and I’m sure MSNBC repeated the claim, but I do not watch the rubbish that they report because they have no credibility in my eyes. 

Even Chris Wallace repeated the claim on Fox News Sunday, and Wallace is usually pretty good about researching his facts, so I was astonished that he parroted the claim. The irony is that Wallace stated at the end of his show, probably prompted by his producers, that it was the 9th largest massacre; in other words it was an after thought, so it wasn’t researched in the first place.

Essentially, you stupid news people have diminished the seriousness of the plight of Native Americans, and many others, by calling this the biggest massacre in the United States history.  I say stupid and not ignorant because the plight of Native American Indian is well known in our nation.

Wikipedia has a “list of massacres” that lists their locations, the perpetrators, and the number of casualties incurred during the atrocities. As news agencies, one would think they would research their facts.

Most people are unaware of the 500 people, yeah Native American Indians are people too, killed at the Crow Creek Massacre because it happened in the 1350s before Columbus purportedly ”discovered” America.

Nonetheless, the Mystic Massacre, the Sand Creek Massacre, the Jamestown Massacre, the Bear River Massacre, the Wounded Knee Massacre, the Waxhaw Massacre, the Lawrence Massacre, and the Mountain Meadow Massacre were all massacres that occurred on US soil and incurred more deaths and wounded.

At the same time there are a lot more massacres that had more deaths, if you want to disregard the number of wounded people. The bottom line is that the media needs to be a little more sensitive with their claims. Is it really that hard to dig up the information? I’m just a dumb blogger and I did it, so those elitists who think they are better because they are full fledged journalists ought to be able to make it happen.