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Identifying the Special Operations Force behind the Usama bin Laden raid amounted to placing a target on the back of the team members as well as their families, according to the parents of Aaron Vaughn, a member of SEAL Team Six who was killed in Afghanistan in 2011.

No ’bout a doubt it, Obama hung a target on the backs of these guys! I know how button lipped they are. I spent more time trying to pry details out of the “EOD” guy in FDC than I did scooting templates around on the Ouija Board. As an ELE-OP guy it was our goal to crack the guy who claimed to be there for EOD duties; but we knew better, we knew he would never crack. Still it was fun trying. They quartered by the fantail on the 04 level right by our berthing and the gym, so we had plenty of practice.

Obama threw these guys to the wolves as soon as he mentioned ST6; there isn’t any doubt in my mind, OP’bama, the political POS that he is, needs to learn to STFU. He isn’t anybody special; we hire presidents every four years. He may be revered by some, but at least 46% of the nation did not vote for him!

He got all 31 of those people on board those CH-47s killed, just so he could have a political talking point. No doubt about, he epitomizes the “politicians with their brainwashed minds” that Black Sabbath spoke about in their song “War Pigs.”

I, for one, will never forgive him for it. Political gain was his only motive. That is unforgiveable! Only a total sociopath would behave in such a manner. And if you read the article I wrote about the Keystone XL Pipeline project, you’d know that is exactly what I think of the knucklehead “occupying” the White House.

Fact! BHO politicized the operation to gain foreign policy points. Now that it has come back to bite him in the ass, he has taken his impropriety to a new level. The Obama Administration turned this thing around on an operator that was on the mission . . . the guy who wrote the book, in order to gain political points.

For certain, if I were writing Obama’s next evaluation, he’d be getting sub-standard evals across the board; not the incomplete he claims he deserves.

His future duty station should be on the Via Appia. He should be posted there as an indicator of what will happen if you try to undermine the premise of the values that brought the United States of America from a downtrodden cluster of colonies, to the great nation She is today.  

If there is one thing the military will instill, its humility; some extra military instruction (EMI) is exacty what BHO needs. A little humility goes a long way, especially when the person is such a pompous ass. If ever someone needed keelhaulin’ . . . BHO is well overdue!