Clint Eastwood vs Betty White


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In regards to Clint Eastwood’s appearance at the RNC, I don’t condone all of what Eastwood said, especially the part where he drug the skit into the mud. I’m sure Mitt Romney wasn’t too happy about that part either. Still, no bones about it, the skit was intentional; the dazed and confused part and all. Rest assured, Clint Eastwood is in possession of all his faculties. All of the him-haw that was injected into the skit was introduced to represent the fact that BHO thinks people are starry-eyed, and will fall for his charm. It just ain’t so.

Now, those who support Barack Obama, want to drag their own star out on stage to counter what the Republicans have done. Peter Slutsky . . . that can’t be his real name . . . has decided to advocate for Betty White at to take the stage. This man has some wild ideas; claiming that Eastwood’s performance at the RNC was an insult to all older Americans. I always question the ulterior motives of somebody who wants to speak for the  other 299,999, 999 people in our populace. you have got to be some kind of pompous ass to make an ascertation like that. Here is an exact quote I got from the Christian Science Monitor . . .

“Clint Eastwood, the Republican’s ‘mystery guest’ at the RNC, gave a bad name to older Americans everywhere . . . ” ~ Peter Slutsky

Get a grip stupid! The largess of that herring is so big and so red it could be mistaken for a fire truck. Peter Slutsky, who has organized a petition at to get Betty White on stage at the DNC is either naive or stupid if that is his belief. He honestly couldn’t conjure up a better reason to encourage Betty White and the Democratic Party to let her take the stage?

You know that BHO will not allow it anyway; with a last name like “White” there is no way she is representative of the umpteen Hispanic and African American Mayors he plans on putting on the stage to appeal to specific voting blocks. How’s that gonna look if he drags out an old white lady after they speak? Either way, wanna bet she’ll be scripted if they let her speak? BHO will want to control the message.

“White could improve the convention: . . . She could stage a coup at Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show” stage in Charlotte and take over his show.” ~ Peter Grier

Regardless, all this tit-for-tat stuff has got to stop. For certain, with a name like renounceobama2012, there are more than enough barbs thrown at the guy shining the leather on the seat in the oval office; still renounceobama2012 tends to make it a rule to call out stupidity, and what Peter Slusky has proposed is definitely worthwhile mentioning. I don’t doubt that he was put up to this by those running the DNC. For certain, they’d rather the entire convention be about the star studded line up, than the economic disaster of the last for years.

Just the same, it’s disgraceful for either party to be pandering to race based, gender based, and age based voting blocks. Wake the hell up electorate. Just the fact that they are doing it should indicate to the naiveté  that it is the sole intention of a politician to manipulate you for your vote.

Politicians believe voters are so simple-minded that they can sway their vote on a single issue. They think a Betty White or a Clint Eastwood can actually influence our votes. What does that tell you? They think you’re dumb! If you buy into it, then chances are, they were right; you are dumb!

Isn’t it time they start talking about our financial disaster instead of dwelling on this sort of stupidity? It appears instead that they’d rather baffle us with bullshit, than dazzle us with brilliance. Providing . . . they have any brilliance to dazzle us with.